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Glass Perfection UK – Optical Glass Manufacturers

Glass Perfection is a UK Company which manufactures Optical Windows, Filters and Components for production, custom fabrication or from stock.

Specialising in polished plano windows in a wide range of materials with over 20 years manufacturing experience, we offer low cost volume production.

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cd and dvd repair

Disc damage is an increasing problem for consumers and organisations dealing with many discs, such as libraries, rental outlets or exchange stores.

• Audio CDs get damaged much more these days because of their increasing use in cars and portable players

• Movie DVDs are becoming much more popular now and due to the higher density of information are much more sensitive, even to small scratches, which means DVD movie often freeze.

• Consol games such as PS2 or Xbox also use DVD technology which means they are also sensitive and often completely stop. Game discs also tend to get rough treatment and can cost £35 - £45.

• Software and PC computer games and reference works, such as encyclopaedias, are also becoming much more popular. These discs can be even more valuable.

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Disc and Repair Technology

Unlike old vinyl records its possible to completely repair most damaged CDs and virtually all DVDs and console game discs. This is because the data is one side, just underneath the label, and the laser shines through the other side, which is normally where the damage is.

Glass Perfection takes the discs and works firstly by precision shaving a few microns from the disc to remove any scratches or deposits and then polishing the surface back to “as new” condition.

Discs can be safely reconditioned effectively many times. Some CDs may not be repairable if there is severe damage through the label side and into the data but DVDs have additional layer of plastic above the data which means the are virtually always repairable.

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